Speaker Interview

Dr. Maj. Hamad Khalifa Al Nuaimi, Head of Telecommunications Section, Information Technology Center | Abu Dhabi Police General Head Quarters

Q-1 Could you elaborate on the breaches due to lack of cyber attribution? Is Cyber Attribution a Government Role?

First of all, the knowledge of dealing with cyber is not enough from all users, so we have to do more about this. And, yes Cyber attribution is a government role and should be legalized or has to have some kind of law and rules as standard to be followed by all users and organizations (government or private).

Q-2 What are the challenges accompanying cyber attribution after malicious cyber incidents? What is being done to overcome such challenges?

It depends on what the target is i.e. banks, private companies or government organisations and the first step is always to protect your inside zone and believe in your environment before thinking about others.

Q-3 What role can and should attribution play in creating more accountability around conduct in cyberspace?

Cyberspace has a lot more than what we have at the moment, so I believe that we need people who can read the future and think about 10 years ahead to figure out where we are going and what we are facing in the future.

Q-4 Last year TRA announced that it thwarted 86 cyber-attacks against government, semi-government, and private sector entities. What initiatives have been taken by TRA to promote the culture of cyber security and to thwart future attacks?

I believe that the TRA has done a workshop about information security as well as some events for cybersecurity. But they have to do more about broadcasting the knowledge and advertising about this case and issue to the public.